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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse



Streamlined design gives you the best comfort
The advanced design of the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse allows you to easily navigate while keeping your wrists comfortable. Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse’s Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse allows the palms, wrists and forearms to be placed in a more natural position, helping to prevent the pain caused by repeated damage.
1 Advanced ergonomic design Advanced ergonomic design allows the palm and wrist to be placed naturally
2 Mouse angle and height The angle and height of the mouse design allows the wrist to be placed in a comfortable position, reducing the pressure on the carpal tunnel
3 Recessed design at the thumb position The thumb position is recessed to keep your palm and wrist in an ergonomic position
4 Windows button You can access the [Start] menu by simply pressing the Windows button.
5 Previous button Previous button for quick browsing
6 Four-way scrolling Scroll left, right, front, and back. Quickly browse all projects in a quick and efficient way.
Length: 3.87″ / 98.2mm
Width: 2.23″ / 56.7mm
System requirements
The computer must have one of the following operating systems installed and meet the system requirements
Connection ability
Hard disk
150 MB hard drive


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