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Huawei FreeBuds 2 Pro Bluetooth Earphone



Bone Voice ID ID Next Generation Biometrics
The HUAWEI Freebuds 2 Pro wireless headset has a built-in bone tone sensor that can accurately capture speech time.
The boneprint information of the owner and the AI ??artificial intelligence recognition technology can complete the identity verification of the owner in one sentence.
Voice assistant, always on standby
With headphones, the voice assistant is always on standby.
You can arrange it for you without unlocking and other operations.
Smart voice control double click
Voice commands / double click to control music and incoming calls.
Wireless charging, convenient and fast
With the wireless charging base, with the charging
The HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro phone can reverse the charging of the earphone box, and it can be easily handled by the emergency power supply.
High-definition sound quality, pleasant and pleasant
The 13mm dynamic speaker and semi-in-ear design create an immersive listening experience.
HTA HD Bluetooth protocol can be supported by mobile phone HOTA upgrade, and the “high quality” switch is turned on.
Enjoy high-definition music quality
Noise reduction call, no fear of interference
Each headset is equipped with two high-precision, high-performance mics that match the call noise reduction technology to collect and process the ambient noise during a call.
Achieve better call performance without fear of interference.
15 hours of conversation, listening to music for longer
Single-charge headset talk time can be up to 2.5 hours;
With the power of multiple extra charges stored in the charging box, the talk time can be up to 15 hours and the music can be up to 20 hours.
Simple and stylish, light and luxurious texture
Inspired by classical wind instruments, the design is simple and stylish, with a lustrous texture. Streamlined surface for a warm, comfortable feel.
Comfortable and stable to wear
Ergonomic semi-in-ear design, unique smooth curve of the earphone handle, skin-friendly veneer. Wear it securely.
IP54 dust and water splash design
The earphones are designed with professional nano-coating and waterproof structure to meet IP54 dust and water splash resistance.
Whether it’s sweating or raining, it’s easy to deal with.
Open box automatic connection


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